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This Christmas...


Happy International Women’s Day!

Hi Women of Destiny!

Today, countless numbers of women around the world are working towards and looking forward to a better future for themselves and their families. A future where the gender gap closes, and there continues to be a greater balance between work opportunities, pay, and equality. Where things are restored as they were originally intended to be.



Destiny Empowerment Meeting


Valentine's Day


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Transform Our World
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Transform Our World 10 Steps in the Transformation Journey
  1. Make a Personal Commitment to Transformation
  2. Develop a Transformation Lifestyle
  3. Impart to Your Core Leaders
  4. Pastors: Implement Change in the Local Church
    Marketplace Minister: Implement Change in the Marketplace
  5. Develop an Effective Prayer Strategy
  6. Implement Transformation in the Market Place
  7. Raise a Canopy of Prayer by Mobilizing People to Adopt Streets
  8. Expect the Extraordinary and Testify About It!
  9. Extend the Vision of Your Church to the Church of the City
  10. Now Go for Your Nation and for the Nations!

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