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Our 7th Annual Transform Our World Conference, 1st – 3rd August, was held this year at the beautiful Kata Beach Resort and Spa. Our guest speakers were Pastor King Flores from the Philippines, Judge Barbara Chan from Hong Kong, together with Pastors Brian and Margaret Burton from Phuket Christian Centre. We had delegates from the Philippines and Hong Kong as well as from Phuket, Thailand.

Right from the very first meeting it was obvious that this was going to be a great conference, blessed of God as His hand was very definitely upon it. On the Friday evening after Pastor Brian welcomed all the delegates, Judge Barbara Chan prayed a very powerful blessing over the conference and welcomed Jesus into our midst.

There was a tangible sense of His presence amongst us as we continued to praise and worship Him. Pastor King Flores and Pastor Margaret taught on the Five Pivotal Paradigms for Nation Transformation and Prayer Evangelism. The evening ended with a very powerful message from Pastor Brian entitled “Jump in the River and Get Wet!” This challenged us to move from being spectators to being participators, to be where God is moving.

Saturday was a packed day starting with prayer and intercession first thing in the morning, followed by Pastor Brian’s teaching on Developing a Transformation Lifestyle. Pastor King and Judge Barbara taught on Identifying and Pulling Down Strongholds. In the afternoon we had a powerful time of personal ministry where strongholds were broken and people were set free from things that had been holding them back from freedom in God. The conference ended with a challenge from Pastor Brian on ‘Where do we go from here? Remain in the river, in that place where God wants you to be!


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Transform Our World 10 Steps in the Transformation Journey
  1. Make a Personal Commitment to Transformation
  2. Develop a Transformation Lifestyle
  3. Impart to Your Core Leaders
  4. Pastors: Implement Change in the Local Church
    Marketplace Minister: Implement Change in the Marketplace
  5. Develop an Effective Prayer Strategy
  6. Implement Transformation in the Market Place
  7. Raise a Canopy of Prayer by Mobilizing People to Adopt Streets
  8. Expect the Extraordinary and Testify About It!
  9. Extend the Vision of Your Church to the Church of the City
  10. Now Go for Your Nation and for the Nations!

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