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Ministry trip to the USA, Canada & UK – January 2012

In early January Pastor Brian flew to San Jose, California for the Harvest Evangelism Team Summit. Following this he ministered in the San Francisco Bay area then moved on to a snowy Toronto with Dave & Sue Thompson and King Flores of Harvest Evangelism, for a TOW conference and ministry in a number of churches, after which they moved on to Newark, New Jersey to join in with the Martin Luther King Day Celebrations. 

From there he flew to the UK to meet up with Pastor Margaret at Heathrow airport to begin another 2 weeks of ministry.  Pastor Brian was invited to speak at the annual retreat for Next Level International by his long time friend Ian Green. Following that he flew to Ireland to speak at transformation meetings in Dublin at the Assemblies of God Church.

Pastor Brian the Golden Gate Bridge, San Franciso

New Year Baptisms

On New Year’s Day, after the morning service, PCC members gathered together at Nai Yang Beach to witness the baptism of 43 new members.  A record for PCC!


Extraordinary miracles!

This has been a year of extraordinary miracles.  In September, a young girl with pneumonia died at the local hospital and was taken to the morgue.  Her grandma, Jim of our Urak Rawoi church went to see her only to be told that she was dead.  She went into the morgue and cried out to Jesus just as the girl was about to be injected with formaldehyde.  She got up and to prove it was a genuine miracle, she rose from the dead free of pneumonia!

In December, Kord came to PCC for the first time and testified to the healing power of God after a severe accident left a steel bar through his lungs, heart and stomach.  Doctors said he could not possibly survive, but when Wanlapa (The Ice-Cream Lady) prayed for him on the telephone he was healed.


Light Up Phuket: 7th Tsunami Memorial Service

On Monday 26th December pastors and members of PCC joined Mayor Paiboon Upatising at Patong Beach for the 7th Tsunami Memorial together with the Governor of Phuket and the Consular General of The Netherlands.  As the crowds gathered to remember and mourn the loss of loved ones at this "Light Up Phuket" remembrance service, Pastor Brian led us in observing a one minute silence for those who had lost their lives in the disaster. After reading from Isaiah 61:1 – 3, he led us in a prayer to comfort those who mourned and then proclaimed a blessing upon the island of Phuket, residents and visitors alike.


Phuket, you are beautiful. You are the Pearl of the Andaman Sea. You are destined to be a Light to this Nation. Phuket, may you receive the blessing of God upon you. A better future is in store for you as we light up Phuket, and take every opportunity to bring hope to this island.


Once again, it was a very solemn and moving time as the service concluded with everyone joining together to light candles and place them together with bouquets of flowers at strategic points along the beach. 



Pastor Brian and the Takua Pa Chief of Police


Celebrating Christmas at Baan Khet Asajaan


Telling the Christmas story at Bangneaw School


Ladies from the Urak Rawoi take part in our Christmas Service at PCC


Christmas afternoon outreach on Tinnawut Estate


PCC Christingle Service was held in 4 languages - Thai, Burmese, Tagalog and English


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