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Wanlapa Testifies at 40th Anniversary AGM - Thai Assemblies of God [Bangkok 23.04.2010]

Pastor Brian Burton and Pastor Ganokorn Moody attended the 40th Anniversary AGM of the Thai Assemblies of God in Bangkok from 20-22 April. Wanlapa was invited to accompany them to share her testimony at a packed out evening service on the 23rd April. She captivated the congregation with her story of healing from cancer when Pastor's Brian and Nok prayed for her 12 years ago. She also told how up to that point in her life had been a spirit medium, but since then has faithfully been a witness to the power of God in her life. She shared how for the first 10 years of her Christian walk, even though she had such a powerful testimony, she was unable to lead anyone to faith through her witness. But over the past 2 years she has adopted the principles of Prayer Evangelism outlined by Ed Silvoso in his book PRAYER EVANGELISM which explains how to change the spiritual climate over any community through blessing, fellowshipping, meeting felt needs and then finally ministering to people in the love of God. Applying this simple method in faith Wanlapa testified that she has led over 300 people to faith in Christ and seen many miracles of healing through her prayers. Indeed, on talking to the taxi driver who took her from the bus station to the church for the meeting, she applied the principles of Prayer Evangelism and the taxi driver got saved. He and his family will be attending the church in Bangkok this Sunday! After the meeting, she was inundated with requests to speak at churches all over the country!

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